A life in a fishbowl!

I’ve heard a pastor’s life being described as “a life in a fishbowl.” But really, that’s true of all of us. Whether we realize it or not, people are watching us. Everyone is watching to see how we will react in any given situation. They watch how we dress. They watch how we take care of our homes. They watch us at work. They watch how we treat other people. People are watching us to see if we are being a good example of the God we claim to serve.
Are we being a good representative for the Lord? Are we striving for excellence in the everyday events of our life? Are we making quality decisions? Are we speaking words of encouragement and hope? Are we setting the example at work or school that others want to follow?

We are not called to a life of mediocrity; we are set apart to be exceptional! Become an ambassador of excellence for Jesus Christ. When we do, He will pour out His favor upon us and we will experience the life of victory and abundance He has in store for us.
God called us to be a good example in the world. Our decisions, our words, and our actions should reflect our commitment to living a life of excellence. We are His ambassadors!

Israelites were called to be His Ambassadors to the world. But what happened? They acted as if they were of the world and got attached to the worldly things. They blended in with the people while in captivity. They got so comfortable with where they were at that when they were given permission by King Cyrus to return to their land, they did not want to because they had become so comfortable. As a result, they missed God’s blessings in their lives.

How about you? Have you become comfortable in this world? Are you comfortable with where you are at? Or are you ready to move if God calls you to move? Life is all about choices. It’s our choices that makes or breaks our life and our future. So what’s your choice?