About Me

img_0563Have you ever longed for something deep in your heart when you were a young child yet did not know what it was? Tach experienced a huge emptiness in her heart as a nine-ten year old. As a result, she sought something to fill it. She thought Muslim rituals such as seeing a witch doctor for her health problems and worshiping dead spirits would help her overcome this emptiness but it didn’t. She grew up practicing Muslim traditions and not knowing the true God.

Tach was born in Central Asia. In college she met two Christian nurses. They told her about Jesus. She had never heard about Jesus before. Through their relationship with Jesus, Tach observed how caring and loving they were. God got hold of her heart one night back in October, 1997. Her life has never been the same since. For more details, read her testimony under ‘testimonials’ section.

She is passionate about fulfilling God’s call in her life. Her motto is, “Nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ. If God is for me who can be against me?” Her heart is to minister to people about the living God who is so real today. She testifies to a wonderful life that fulfills what we are sent here to do—a life that is lived in the richness and beauty of serving and following God by learning to walk in Christ’s resurrection power daily.

She has been involved in the Old Testament translation project into one of the Central Asian languages for the last 10 plus years. Currently, she is involved in TV broadcasting doing women’s program globally. Also she has developed Central Asian Women’s discipleship training to train them and equip them to become effective leaders.

In addition to these, she speaks at conferences, colleges, churches and retreats. She travels internationally. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker who uses her knowledge of the Word and her multi-cultural experience to help people from different backgrounds on their life journey witnessing to them about God’s love, grace and faithfulness.

Prior to the above-mentioned ministries, she taught English Curriculum at all levels, from first through fourth year students in a Central Asian University for two years. She also tutored internationals on language and culture. She participated in a four language European dictionary with a team of four people. Participated in a visiting scholar program at the University of Washington and compiled a bilingual phrase book containing 11,000 words. She partnered with a linguist who compiled a bilingual large dictionary of 50,000 words. She interpreted for conferences and translated various documents.

Also she trained individuals and teams in multi-cultural awareness for overseas trips, administered pre-field assessments to determine international readiness and ran debrief meetings for returning expatriates on cultural adjustment and re-entry issues.