Why am I not hearing God’s voice?

Have you been wondering, “Why am I not hearing God’s voice?” He seems silent and distant. And you ask: ” God why….?” I have asked these questions and have wondered. “There was silence, and I heard a still voice” (Job 4:16).
Do you not know that God is always waiting in the depth of our souls longing to talk to us if we’d only get still (in our mind&souls) to hear His voice? He Is so much nearer to us than we think.

My problem is being still. As I try to get still, thousand voices reach my ears from within and from the outside. Do you find it hard to be still? Some of these noises are my own inner voices, my own questions about the things I struggle with in life, my thoughts/worries about tomorrow; others are the voices of satan, or the voices of the world as we look around and see what is happening in the world around us today. Crazy! Sometimes good things like my prayers and worship songs can get in the way of being still!

We are pushed and pulled every direction by all these voices in our lives daily without even recognizing it. Yet God asks us, “To be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10), no matter what is happening around us, in us. The phrase ‘be still’ means to stop frantic activity, to let down, and to be still. Psalmist faced threat in a raging war in Psa 46. But then God speaks and asks to stop fighting, to be still.

Being still is not easy with all these noises around and in us. But we can choose to shut our ears to other voices and choose to hear only the still small voice of the Holy Spirit in our hearts! He is the one who guides our feet and our hearts each day! Its so easy to miss His gentle voice in the midst of loud noises. I am asking Him to give us the inner strength to be still and hear His still small voice today! He longs to speak to us as we quiet our minds and souls before Him and empty ourselves completely allowing Him to fill us. “…as dew never falls on a stormy night, so the dews of His grace never come to the restless soul.” A. B. Simpson.
Is your soul restless?
When we are still and surrendered to God, we find peace!
Be still oh my soul and rest in Hm!